Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kansas City BBQ Ride to Eat 2023

The 9th annual KCBBQRTE is on for May 20th, 20223 at Snead's BBQ. Tire kicking starts at 9:30, and we will all go in together at 11:30 for a great BBQ Buffet. As always everyone is welcome.  Snead's is one of the KC BBQ old school places. Put it in on the calendar now. 

Since 1956!

(816) 331-7979 OR (816) 331-9858


On the southeast corner of 171st Street and Holmes Road in south Kansas City.

The Friday night before the Ride To Eat we will meet in the downstairs bar area at RC's in the Martin City area of Kansas City MO around 7:30 and get a table at 8 PM to eat dinner together. RC's is famous for Fried Chicken, Chicken Fried Steaks and Steaks.

All are welcome but please RSVP to me, Bob Rippy at if at all possible. My phone is 816-516-8166. 

The website for the Ride to Eat is: or search on Facebook.
Click on the KCBBQRTE info.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Iron Butt Rally 2015 Pictures from Start, First Checkpoint and Finish

This year's Theme.

Hammy Tan and his air conditioning problems.

Scott Jones on Jeremy Loveall's old bike.

Tim Masterson and his FLIR Display.

Chris Sakala's Aux Tank.

Eric Bray.

Jim Owen with last minute preparations.

21,000 mile 06 BMW GSA.

Dale Warchild Wilson at his best with a rider begging for forgiveness.

Another FLIR System.

Wayne Boyter Tech Inspecting.

Olaf Moon's Bike

Brian Roberts giving this tank the evil eye.

Josh Mountain also with the air conditioning option.

Jim Owen being inspected.

Nicely decorated helmet.
Rod Schween's Helmet
Tom Austin begins the measuring of Jeremy Loveall's new Auxiliary Tank. I won't explain except to say specific gravity is used.

Jeremy however has already measured it the old fashioned way and is unconcerned.

 Oh by the way he passed easily.

Sometimes you have to remind yourself. Usually at about 1:30 AM in the absolute middle of nowhere.

Will Barclay's Harley Davidson. A Rookie to this type of Rallying, but definitely not a Rookie in the traditional sense.

Greg Rice.

A little final drive maintenance, the old school way.

L to R, Wayne Boyter, Chris Sakala, and Perry Karsten.

Perry has ridden this bike in the Iron Butt 5000, the 2011, 2013, and now 2015 Iron Butt Rallies. The pinstriping is from a bonus in the Iron Butt 5000 in 2010.

Josh Mountain using some solar drying.

The height of this bike tells you it is Kurt Worden's 250.

Lisa Landry and former IBR Champ Rick Morrison

Mike Langford made it in late last night, but made it.

First victim Donna Fousek.

Josh Mountain's turn.

Eric Bray always cool. calm, and collected, enjoying a little Iron Butt Magazine reading.

Hammy Tan with his happy face, ahhh.

Perpetual 11th hour riders, Eric Jewell and Mark Crane show up as usual last for Tech.

Dale Wilson using his charm to explain that perhaps he would prefer them be here a bit sooner. Oh, and ODO check starts right now.

Father Daughter moment as they prepare to ride in their second IBR.

Mike Kneebone at the Start Dinner, soon everyone will know what they have in front of them, at least for 3 days

The Riders and Guests anxiously await the word.

Dale Wilson presenting the contestants of the hair dye competition to see who gets to lead the Iron Butt Rally out of the parking lot.

Rally Mistress Lisa Landry (don't call her Mam).

Rider #2 Kirsten Talken-Spaulding, who just happens to work for the National Park Service.

Tom Austin with the words everyone has waited for, Open your Rally Packets.

Suddenly things are quieter.

Kirsten's flag. I believe the best looking flag I have seen in a Rally.
The Parking Lot, 2 hours before the start, when you ride 11 days 2 up in the Iron Butt Rally, you need teamwork. Ande Bergman-Good and John Good are working as a Team already.

The most colored coordinated team, the Liles, even coordinated with their bike.

This folks is a Texas Funeral Director.

Game face on, check.

Lisa Landry and Tom Austin.

Rider #2 plotting, planning.

The Lahmans getting their last cool rest place for awhile.

ODO team, you must be at your bike by 9 AM.

Al Holtsberry, his IBA# is 27. those who earn their 3 digit number on this Rally, will be over 500. Not his first Rodeo.

New Mexico is an open carry state, but this is the Albuquerque PD, here to help with the start.

Maybe I will just change my route here at the last moment?

Dale dispensing wisdom.

Lisa giving Lisa Wisdom even to the New Mexico Highway Patrol.

Last minute rider instructions.

Words from the NM Highway Patrol.

Hammy Tan and Jerome Byrd listening carefully.

Albuquerque's Bernadillos County's and NM Highway Patrol gathered to help the riders safely get to I 40. they blocked all traffic lights between the Hotel and I 40.

At the bikes, ready to go.

Law Enforcement in the lead.

First Rider Out!

Oops, two time Rally Veteran Chris McGaffin wasn't ready for the ODO check, and had to wait until everyone left, well almost.

This rider's bike fell over when he was told to start. Volunteers quickly jumped in as his right foot peg was folded in, and bent it back out.


I was scoring at the Albuquerque Checkpoint so don't have many pics from there. Here's a few and some from the launch the next morning.

Here is Troy Martin's not quite mint Triumph Trophy. Troy, fell down on a dirt road, hit a deer and had an accident on I 25 coming into the Checkpoint. Undaunted, Troy, a Rookie, took 4th after the first leg, but had to withdraw, the forks were tweaked too badly to continue. Oh, and that's deer hair in the crack in his sidecase below.

                                  Riders leaving from the Albuquerque Checkpoint.

Matt Wise almost set.

Phil O'Connor seems well rested.

Paul Tong with some last minute prep.

Top rider Kirsten Talken-Spaulding,  looking for another big leg no doubt.

To the surprise of probably no one, Mark Crane, one of the top riders in any Rally he enters, was leaving a little later than the others.

Truman Historic Site
Being back in Kansas City, I swung by Independence MO to see who I could see in a couple of hour time window for me.  Luck was a little on their side, as two blocks away the streets were blocked for the 4th of July Parade.

First up was Greg Lenentine as he snaps the photo. 

Next to visit the Show Me State, Don Duck.

Dave Legnosky plots the next move.

Gary Springgay, the 80's in Missouri seemed like winter time to the AZ rider.

Maybe to remind him what he was doing by Day 8?